Christiana joined SVA in January of 2018 at our Queen Anne Animal Clinic location after earning a BA in International Studies with a focus on social justice at Virginia Commonwealth University. Christiana is passionate about rescue and rehabilitation of farm animals (especially goats). Animal justice is an important part of her life. So much so that she intends to become a licensed veterinary technician and eventually move on to starting her own animal sanctuary. When she’s not working toward her professional goals, she can be found exploring the beauty of nature through alpine climbing. She loves to read poetry, drink tea, and volunteers at the Puget Sound Goat Rescue. She shares her home with two cats, a stunning calico named Cookie Dough (or Cooka) and Rufus, a handsome cat who is always dressed to impress in his tuxedo coloring. Cookie Dough has stellar hunting skills and loves meowing new tunes in her free time. Rufus is constantly seeking new adventures and enjoys binge watching Planet Earth.